Thursday, December 19, 2013

How cold it must have been...

A beautiful nativity set given to me by my sister.

I planned on musing about the 3 kings in today's post, but then I came across this poem. It stirred my heart and I hope it does yours as well.

How cold it must have been that night,
I can see the stars, if I close my eyes.
Listen!  I hear the soft night air, rustling the leaves.
Or is it the rustle of angel's wings?
Suddenly, the skies fill with exultant song.
And so He came to the shepherds.

An obscure carpenter begs shelter for his wife,
heavy with child, and is led to a stable.

When the tinsel and the tree are gone, look for Him then.
He is not confined to a day, a season, or a place in time.
He comes to each of us in His own way.
He meets us in the oddest places.
In despair, perhaps? He met me there.
And for me, for the first time, Christmas.
                                     Tommie Lenox

For the first time, Christmas.
For some of us, Christmas is the first time after a loss.
The first time after a new child.
The first time after a new love.

For me, it's the first time of a new awareness of God's great grace and love - so great He was willing to give His only Son.

How is this your first Christmas?

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