Friday, March 6, 2015

The Joy of Sprinting

We've all done it.

We pray diligently and we’re certain we know the next step in God’s plan. So, why wait? Let’s go sprinting down the path as fast as we can.

There’s a problem with that: sprinters dash for short distances and then they’re pooped.

We zip along and, when we’re exhausted, we look to God for strength. Surprise, surprise, He’s not there! We look behind us and there He is: “You ran off and left Me. You’re supposed to follow, not lead.” 

I did that with my blog and here I am, two years later, out of breath. I outran God. It was an enjoyable challenge at first; now it’s a burden.

Why did I start in the first place? Simply put, I had a published Bible study, Storms of Life, and no idea how to market it. I read how-to articles by social-media gurus. The consensus: Start a blog.

What should I write about? My heart desires to share the beauty of God’s Word so, with this in mind, I rushed in like a herd of turtles.

 “I’ll share my wisdom on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,” I thought. I quickly learned I didn't have that much wisdom. I barely drew a breath before it was time to write another post. Undeterred, I went back to the experts.
  1. “Blog at least three times a week,” they said. Check.
  2. “You must have eye-catching pictures and quality content.” Check. (A bit prideful, huh?)
  3. “Give it time to build a following.” Check. I’d been posting for six months. I told everyone I knew—and lots of people I didn't—about my blog, but nothing happened. Was anyone even reading it?

Plan B: Cut back to Tuesdays and Fridays. Surely I could do that. But I struggled to come up with two ideas a week. I lost the motivation to write. My confidence tumbled.

Plan C: Throw in the towel. Maybe I couldn't do it. Maybe I couldn't write at all.

So there I sat – a failure.

Then, a quiet voice spoke through my confusion, “You forgot Me again.”
I was floundering because I’d forgotten God! Now I see where I went wrong.

  • Mistake #1 I didn't wait for God. I didn't pray about His priorities. I tore off and left Him behind.
  • Mistake #2 I put my faith in the experts. I looked to them for knowledge but I didn't seek God’s wisdom. I looked to them for guidance but I didn't seek His will.
  • Mistake # 3 I wrote to please my audience, not to please Him. “Identify your audience and write what resonates with them; they’ll become loyal followers.” A popularity contest—not a desire to obey God.

Were these experts wrong? No. They all said, “Before you do anything, spend time with God.” That soared right over my head. 

A recipe for failure.

So, for the past few weeks, I sat still and listened to God.
  • Social media is important, but not if robs from my time with Him.
  • Writing’s key, but not if I neglect what He’s called me to write.
  • Goals are great, but not if they don't match His.

His Timing is everything!

Why do we sprint off and assume we’re on God’s path?
Why do we turn to others for guidance instead of to Him and to His Word?
Why do we make decisions to impress those around us rather than to please Him?

I do that. A lot. In my writing, my finances, my decision making. Over and over, God sits me down to teach me the same lesson.

God’s plans are much better than any we can make ourselves. His wisdom totally surpasses ours. He has chosen us as His children—how can we not desire to please Him?

Praise God He’s patient and He’s willing to restore us to His path every time we stray.

How are things going for you? Find a quiet moment and ask Him to guide your steps. Wait for His timing.

Take it from me: Things will go better when you do.   

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  1. Your article reminded me of the song we use to sing with the kids in Children's Church:
    Seek ye first the kingdom of God
    And His righteousness
    Ann all these things shall be added unto you
    Hallelu Hallelujah!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Sherry, I have done the same thing more than once (all right, a great deal more). Like you, I am so grateful that God is patient and waits for me to wake up and put Him in the picture again. Good post. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Ah, wonderful post, and so many times we--no, I find myself doing just that. At times I sprint along and then comes the tiredness of it all. Wait--the Bible says--Wait, I say, on God. Thank you for the reminder. And Sherry, I know I've enjoyed and profited from your posts. They've touched me and reminded me of so many important things. Thank you! Stay encouraged.

  4. Seek ye first...a simple song, a powerful truth.Thanks for stopping by, Becky!

  5. your theme song? Love you my friend. Leah

    1. Actually, the song I hum more than any other is "I'll Fly Away." Love you too, dear friend.

  6. I like the wisdom to spend time with God first. He is the One who started our ministries in the first place! This year I want to be more mindful of seeking Him. I feel like my brain may explode with all the marketing and writing I need to do. But I like what you said about making priorities and seeking God about those. That has helped me not to go crazy as I blog and try to finish my book. Thanks for your post!

    1. Katy, I still grab my sprinting shoes every chance I get. Over the past few weeks, God has restructured my priorities but I am slow to step into His will. Without His wisdom, I'll never make it.
      Thanks for stopping by! I pray for you and your work for Him, my friend.

    2. Katy, I still grab my sprinting shoes every chance I get. Over the past few weeks, God has restructured my priorities but I am slow to step into His will. Without His wisdom, I'll never make it.
      Thanks for stopping by! I pray for you and your work for Him, my friend.

  7. Thanks Sherry for taking the time to seek God. You are like me. We go off on a tangent thinking this has to be God since it is about Him. Wrong it may be good, but it is not exactly what He wanted for me. I can not be anyone but me so I can't copy what others are doing. I won't receive the same blessing. I may be blessed but not like I could have been if I would have listened to God in the first place.

    1. I cannot be anyone but me - what a wise statement, Jean. I won't find success by following someone's tried and true formula but only by following God. Love you!