Friday, April 19, 2013

Need a Little Guidance?

By the day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night a pillar of fire to give them light. Exodus 13:21

Remember the story? Through God's amazing deliverance, the children of Israel escaped from bondage in Egypt. Awesome! But, wait, there was a slight problem. They didn't have the foggiest idea where they were going. Not to mention, they were expected to trust a God they hadn't heard of in 400 years. Remember their fear and anger, "Did you bring us out here to die? We want to go back home!"

Can you relate? Ever been totally lost? I'm a pro at it. My sister calls me the U-turn Queen because I never turn the right way the first time. I can get lost in my own backyard!

But, that's not what I'm talking about. I mean being lost in life.

Laid off? What's next?
Graduating from college? What's ahead now?
Divorce? Where do you go from here?

Anytime we experience a life change, good or bad, there's a sense of uncertainty: What happens now?

 Lift your eyes and look for a pillar of cloud (Don't you know it was glowing with the presence of the Lord?) or for a pillar of
fire. Focus on the light that's moving ahead of you. God knew where the children of Israel were going and He knows where you're headed, too.

 I know what you're thinking: That was a visible column - anybody can follow that! It would be easier if God were that obvious.

Try being still for a while. Sit with Him. Read His Word. Talk to Him. Listen to Him (What a novel idea!). He'll show you the light posts marking your way. Check with Him frequently to make sure you're still on the right path.

You're never truly lost. God knows exactly where you are and exactly where you're going. Follow His Light!

Has there been a time when you felt lost? How did God's light lead you?

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