Thursday, March 13, 2014


I’ve got lots of flip-flops.

Simple ones. Fancy ones. Lots of colors.

Comfy, cool – perfect for running around in the heat of west Texas.

In recent years, the idea of flip-flop took on a whole new meaning. We hear it particularly during an election season.

“Senator so-and-so changed his mind on XYZ issue! You can’t trust anything he says because you never know when he’ll flip-flop. That’s why you should vote for me!”

“The mayor changes his mind whenever the wind blows. He goes with what’s easy, what’s expedient. We don’t need a flip-flopper in office. So vote for me!”


We hate to admit it but we’ve all done our share of flip-flopping.

We sit in church and nod our heads at the preacher’s words and then we go home.


We hold to our standards until we face a decision with family or friends. Then we go the easy route.


How wonderful it is to know that God loves flip-floppers!

He doesn’t give up.

He points it out to us when our lives don’t match what we claim to believe.

He gives us the strength to hold to our standards without a holier-than-thou attitude.

He offers forgiveness, over and over again. When we fall, He sets us back on solid ground.

He chooses

  • He chooses to indwell us flip-floppers.
  • He chooses to love us, no matter how many times we fall.
  • He chooses to walk beside us, lighting our paths.
The closer He draws us to himself, the more we experience His incomprehensible love and grace.

Just remember, it’s not a license to flip-flop.
It’s an invitation to deepen your faith.

When have you been amazed by God's patience?


  1. In today's day and age, these things are difficult, but with God's help, anyone can live by the Word. You're so right. And the next time I put on flip-flops, I'll think of this message. LOL! Thanks!

    1. So will I - and I wear lots of flip flops! You comments are always so encouraging, thank you!

  2. super cool post, Sherry. Loved it, and sigh, will do my best to draw closer to God, knowing he understands all my flip-flop moments. LOl Thanks.