Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The 7 Wonders of Psalm 23: Part Three

This is the third post in my series on the 7 wonders of Psalm 23. I pray this Psalm has blessed you as much as it has me.
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He makes me lie down in green pastures, 
he leads me beside quiet waters Psalm 23:2

Green pastures…quiet waters.
A picture of a peaceful time with God.

Peaceful time?? How do we ever find a peaceful time in our hectic days?

Look at the first few words in this verse:

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

Make is the operative word here, friends.

And I can tell you from personal experience: If you don’t set aside a peaceful time with God, He will MAKE you.

When my girls were little, I foolishly decided that was a good time to graduate school. Needed my head examined, right?

So, there I was, spending my days as the mother of two preschool girls.

And my nights, (you know, when you supposed to sleep) pouring over books.

Time with my husband fit in there somewhere. And, in between yawns, I prepared to teach on Sunday mornings.

If God was telling me to slow down, I couldn't hear Him over the noise of train barreling down the tracks.

Then it happened: I had a seizure.

During the hours in the emergency room, God said, loud and clear.

I am making you lie down!

While the doctors tried to stabilize my medicines, I couldn't drive.
College went on the back burner.
I became a stay-at-home Mom – literally.

My home became a green pasture, although it took me a while to realize it.

God did His part – now I had to do mine.

He leads me beside still waters.

The word “lead” implies there is a follower.

That is where the choice comes in.

Would I allow Him to lead me beside still waters?

Would I follow Him into the peace and beauty of a deeper relationship with Him?

To be truthful, I griped and complained, and asked Him why He was doing this to me.

I refused to be quiet enough to hear the Living Water call me to follow Him along still waters.

Time went on. They couldn't get me stable so I kept having seizures. The time I couldn't drive stretched into a seemingly endless train of months.

Finally, when I ran out of pity-party words to say, I turned to God and asked, “What are you trying to teach me?”

He brought the words into my mind:

Green pastures.

Still waters.

Imagine lying down on the cool grass and smelling the scent of wildflowers.

Imagine listing to the quiet of still waters.

If this doesn't bring peace to your heart, you need CPR!

God asks us to spend just a few minutes letting our minds rest in His cool, beautiful presence.

He offers us sweet, quiet moments in His Word, soaking our hearts in His love and wisdom.

When I think about it, why does He have to MAKE me? Why don’t I crave that precious time?

He loves you beyond anything you can imagine.

He calls you to revel in His presence.

Choose Him and you will find peace and beauty.

How has God made you lie down?
Have you found the peace of green pastures and still waters?

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  1. Those are tough questions to answer. We recently went to New Mexico for the balloon race, and flew to get there. I was very worried about the flight, afraid of crashing, especially the return trip. At the airport on the way back, I went to a little store to get some bottled water. While there, I turned to see a leather-bound journal with part of Psalm 46:10 on it: 'Be still and know that I am God.' God was calming me down, leading me beside the still waters, to realize He was in control. We made it home with no problems and the trip was less stressful for me.

    Thanks for this post. I need to listen better, myself, because he IS leading me to peace and calmness, if I just listen.

    1. Be still...still waters...being still is the hard part for all of us.
      I went to the balloon festival last fall. Aren't they fabulous?

  2. Was it the one in Albuquerque at the beginning of October? We were there one day! We stayed in Santa Fe and drove down. We also saw Taos on that vacation. My husband wants to live there...or anywhere near mountains. LOL!

    1. Yes! We were there the whole weekend! Wish we'd known - we could've met.

  3. I wish we'd have known, too! That would've been fun! Oh well, huh?

  4. Wow Sherry, That was awesome. Again another verse wonderfully broken down for us to digest. I just got my portfolio printed, and one of the verses I paired with my photo is this verse.

    Funny through the Lord knows I am highly allergic to grass, and I wouldn't probably ever lay down in it:) Funny also how I just sneezed twice writing about it. See you soon! ~ Judy

    1. How funny! I guess God will have to come up with something else for you to lie on.

      I'm eager to see your portfolio. Last year's was awesome!

  5. Sherry, I also love your emphasis on important words and your great examples. Thanks for sharing from your life.

    1. God's really been teaching me from this Psalm - things I never saw before. Thanks for stopping by!