Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flow-Through Love

In him was life, and that life was the light of men. John 1:4
Jesus is the Light of the world—He’s the Light in our hearts and souls.

He fills us with His love, peace, joy, strength and so many other blessings.

The question is: What do we do with them?

Are our hearts lakes where His gifts collect and we cherish them and revel in them?

If that’s the case, we'll become like the Dead Sea – stagnant. To be truly alive, water must flow.

 "Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him." John 7:38
The Spirit living within us is described in many ways but static is never one of them.  John 7:38 says we have living water within us. But the next words are challenging: this water will flow out of us into the world around us.

Does that mean we have to run out and witness to everyone we see? Thank heavens, the answer is no. Sharing Jesus’ blessings can be as simple as a smile, a kind word, or a helpful act.

God brought this home to me a couple weeks ago in the Houston airport.  As I walked to my gate, I saw a woman sitting, crying. I kept walking but I felt the Spirit say, “She needs a kind touch.” I hesitated but I went up to her and put my hand on her shoulder. I asked if she was OK. She looked up and said, “Yes, but thank you for caring.” God used a small touch to bless her - and me.

The next time God prompts you, let His living water flow through to someone who’s thirsty. We're rivers that flow in the desert!

When have you been used to bless someone?
How did God bless you when you did that?


  1. Today I was out running some errands. In Texas summer heat, that is a tall order. As I drove along I saw an elderly man waiting at a bus stop. He was hunched over, holding on to his walker. God prompted me to turn around and go back to him. He just wanted to go home which was about 3 miles away. I put his walker in my trunk (I drive a corvette so my use the word trunk loosely. We had a nice chat. He graduated from SMU, my alma mater, studying science and math. I studied engineering and math. He said his dream was to picked up by a beautiful lady in a yellow corvette. Well, he got me in a red corvette. God blessed us both.

  2. A great story, Joanna. I'm glad you stopped to pick him up - and fellow SMUers at that. It was certainly a God thing!