Friday, July 12, 2013

Too Narrow-Minded

When I first started my blog, I was in a time of darkness and I was seeking light. Thus, Light Blog was born. I began to search Scripture for the word ‘light’ and write about how God used it to bless me that day.

A couple days ago, as I went on that familiar search, I heard God whisper, “Sherry, you’re being too narrow-minded.” I was taken aback. I’ve always considered myself rather open-minded, although there are many who would laugh at that characterization.

As I prayed, I realized what He meant and I had to agree; my focus has been too focused.

How does God shed His light in our hearts and on our lives?

Where there’s the darkness of turmoil, He brings the light of His peace.

Where there’s dark anger, He brings the light of calmness, and the ability to forgive.

Where there’s sorrow, joy.

Where there’s fear, His Presence.

Where there’s discord, reconciliation.

Where there’s loneliness, His companionship.

God has expanded my view of His Light—and my blog will begin to reflect that.

For every darkness we experience, God can invade it with His light.

If we ask!

He won’t flood our souls in an instant, we’d be blinded by the brightness. But slowly, as we turn to Him, He will bring His light into our hearts. But He waits for our willingness.

What darkness to you carry today?

What lightness do you need from Him? You only have to ask.

How has He healed you from darkness?

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