Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Only Did It ONCE!

The guy who mows our walking park must be on vacation.

He hasn't mowed for a couple weeks.

If he sees all these weeds, he might say,

"Look at that! It's impossible!"

Isn't it amazing how fast things get out of sorts?

How about that diet?

"Well, I blew it last night. surely another day won't hurt."

Second day, "Oh, what's the use! I'll feel better after some brownies."

Cleaning house?

Why dust the coffee table? I need to leave hubby a message anyway.

Every time we come up with a good excuse to skip something, it gets easier the next time.

That's particularly true for me and my quiet time.

First day:

Oh dear, the time got away from me and I need to get ready to go.

I'll skip it just this once.

I'll only do it this once.

Next day:

It's so nice outside. I'm going to take a walk before it gets too hot.

I'll do it after lunch.

Just this once.

The evening of the next day:

Oh, shoot, I forgot all about you, God.

I'll be back at it tomorrow.

And the days roll on.

It all started with

"I'll do it later."

Isn't it amazing, staggering that Jesus didn't say

"I'll do it later."

He faced the cross and said

"I'll do it now."
  • I'll suffer to heal.
  • I'll shed my blood to redeem.
  • I'll die to save

Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace!

Photo credit Cross: DesignPicsInc via DepositPhotos.com


  1. Powerful truth! Thank you for the reminder!

    1. I need the reminder, too! Thanks for commenting, Vonda.