Friday, October 24, 2014

What Time Is It?

Beautiful roses. Older blooms with a rich color, new blooms with vibrant hues, and buds with tips of pink showing, ready to be the roses of tomorrow. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Three simple words.


These words give my feet something solid to stand on when days are difficult or uncertain.

When I look back at my walk with God, I see His faithfulness. He has never left me. He has never ignored me. He has never forsaken me. My yesterdays are full of the blessings He’s showered on me. 

  • Peace when I was confused. 
  • Comfort  when I was overcome by sorrow. 
  • Strength when I felt as though I could no longer function. 
  • Hope when I was drowning in hopelessness. 

Over the years, His presence has grown my faith.

When my alarm goes off each morning, I usually have a plan for the day, but I also know Who’s in control. The future is an unknown but my Father is a firm foundation. His care for me Yesterday brings me confidence in His purpose for today and tomorrow. I stand on His promises, His love, and His faithfulness.

Yesterday’s faith is a lifeline for the unknowns that await me.

The most beautiful promise is bound up in the word Forever. A forever of being with my Savior, praising Him, and serving Him. All of my yesterdays will fade from view and my tomorrows will be spent in a place of unimaginable beauty, worshiping eternally with those I love who are believers.

Are your memories of yesterday full of His love and grace?

Are you confident in His presence as you walk through all your tomorrows?

Are you rejoicing in a forever spent with Him?

If not, He is waiting to transform you. You – not your circumstances. He doesn't wipe away all your concerns and difficulties with your new faith. But He does strengthen, comfort, and surround you. 

Tomorrows come. Your choice is not what they bring but how you walk through them.

Do you know Jesus as your Savior and Friend? If not, please go to a believing friend or a pastor who can show you the path to a Forever with Him.

If you do know Him, how have His promises of Forever sustained you through your yesterdays and given you hope for your tomorrows?


  1. You are a wonderful witness Sherry. Thank you for your faithfulness! Leah

    1. You're so sweet, Leah, always so encouraging!