Friday, May 15, 2015

All in the Family

I haven’t been in Memphis in years. 

Way too long. 

I planned a visit several times but something always came up. Something that seemed more important at the time. 

Now, as I sit and look around at Aunt Jo Anne, Uncle John and a room full of cousins, I realize that those things weren't so important after all. 

Praise God for the love and joy I feel in this room. For the shared stories and the laughter. For the pictures from long ago. 

I pray that my priorities never get quite so messed up again!

What do you cherish about your time with family?


  1. Oh, Sherry, my friend, that is so true. When it all boils down, God and family and the few real friends we've managed to have, are what's truly real and important. Thanks for the timely reminder . . . again. Your posts are always so what I need. :)

    1. I just write what I need to hear, Carole!
      Will you be at Ridgecrest at any time?

  2. Short, sweet, and total truth!! I came home Friday to my 80-year-old parents gardening...something they love to do and can still do! So sweet, I'm thankful to be living with them.

  3. You are blessed, Mary! Missing you here at Blue Ridge.