Monday, June 24, 2013

Driving in the Dark

My old Hyundai didn't like me.

I was attending a Bible study class across town that began about 6:30 pm and ended at 9:00 pm. One evening, I started home and the headlights wouldn't come on. This church was out in the middle of nowhere and street lights were scarce.

Conveniently enough, we were studying the Gospel of John and we'd read Chapter 9 just that evening. Chapter 9:5 says, "While I am in the world, I am the light of the world."

So...I nervously drove home with my emergency flashers on, saying "you are the light  of the world, so give me light!"

I can't say any miraculous beam of light swept before me but I did make it home safely.

Of course, I took the stupid thing to the shop three times but the headlights worked like a charm when the car was there--just not when I was driving on a dark street.

The point is, however, I often stumble around in the shadows, trying to make a decision and I forget Jesus is the light of the world and can brighten my path so choices are clearer.

He lights my path as I make decisions, as I face temptations, as I struggle with doubts and fears. How amazing! Jesus is my Savior, my Friend, and my Light.

How has the Light met your needs?
When has He shone His light on your dark path?

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