Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You Light Up My Life

Remember this song: "You Light Up My Life" sung by Debbie Boone.

And you light up my life, you give me hope to carry on.

I never even like this song and now I've got the silly tune stuck in my head.
I tried humming other catchy tunes like
"You Are My Sunshine"                  
"I Been Working on the Railroad."
It worked for a few minutes and then the horrible thing was back in my head again. (Apologies to the "You Light Up My Life" fans out there.)
Really, those lyrics sound like they could be in a hymn but, I have to confess, God doesn't always light up my life.
Sometimes He stretches my faith like a rubber band.
Sometimes He pulls me so far out of my comfort zone I can't even see it anymore.
Sometimes He asks me to do something I really don't want to do.
I'd prefer to stay where I'm safe and happy and sure of myself all the time. But then, I wouldn't need Jesus' light, would I?

When has God pulled you totally out of your comfort zone?


  1. lol. I do like the song, but can feel for the place you're in. And I love the cartoon pic. :) Not always comfortable w/the places I go thru (sometimes i even hate them!) but, with a sigh, I know God will see me thru. Somehow.

  2. With a sigh...I love that. For me it's often with a grumble. I wonder if I'm related to the poor Israelites wandering around in the desert!
    Thanks for the comment. It's nice to know someone's reading!