Saturday, September 28, 2013

Need to Escape?

Why? When? Now what?

The last post in this series: Where do you go to escape?

Not many of us walk outside to be surrounded by stunning scenery. I don’t have a backyard full of beautiful blooms, unless a couple struggling rosebushes and a bunch of thriving weeds counts.

But there needs to be some place we go, or something we do to allow our minds to focus on God. A habit, if you will, that helps us to escape the distractions and to be with Him.

One of my good friends hid in the bathroom to escape the kids for so long, that she still goes in there.  

Another friend keeps a folding chair in the closet.

I don’t get a thrill out of sitting in the bathroom and I’m a little too claustrophobic for a closet.

I sit in my bentwood rocker and watch the birds at the feeders outside the window. I don’t usually sit there during the day so it’s become the place I meet God.

It doesn’t have to be a place. When you hold a hot cup of tea and close your eyes, do you feel the distractions of the day begin to fade away? Or it can be a brief devotional that brings your thoughts to God.
The process doesn’t matter, it’s the time with God that matters. Time to tell Him your problems, even yell and scream if you need to. Time to listen to Him tell you He loves you. Time to ask for guidance and to learn from Him.

He is waiting for you, draw aside with Him.

Is there a place you go consistently that’s your quiet place?

Is there something you do that brings your thoughts to Him?

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