Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now What?

Ok, you know you need time with God to make it through the day. You’ve figured out a time, maybe, when you can grab a few minutes.

Now what?

Some of us sit quietly and feel God’s presence.  Some of us need a plan.

I’m a plan kinda girl. I don’t have the discipline to sit with my eyes closed and focus on God. My mind wanders to laundry or to what’s for dinner or a hundred other things.

So, if you only have 10 minutes, how can you focus your prayers? Perhaps a book of brief devotions guides you. Maybe praying a Psalm helps you express what’s on your heart. If you love music, you can speak to Him by singing praise songs. Chose the most meaningful way to connect with God in the few minutes you have.

Maybe, you have more time than most of us. Because I stay home, I have precious time I can spend with God. I’m a detail-oriented person, so He usually speaks to me through Scripture. 
There are so many ways to study Scripture:  
  • Read through the Bible in a year. This is a very structured way to study and it and teaches the discipline of reading every day and draws from the various areas of Scripture every day. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well for me because I can't stay on track. If I read a passage that reminds me of a verse somewhere else, off I go. 
  • Word study. With a good concordance, you can search for one word. That’s a good way to meet a specific need. I did a word study on fear during a time of suffering. By the time I’d read, “Be not afraid,” a few dozen times, my faith was stronger. Once, I did one on “but.” That was a strange one. I did learn a lot about myself and my relationship to God.
  • Topical study. This is one of my favorites. I have a Nave’s Topical Bible and I can’t live without it! Choose a characteristic of God that ministers to you in your situation, or a specific need you have, like peace or joy. As you work through this topic, God will pull you closer to Him and assure you of His love.
  • Just start reading. Choose a book you love – Psalms, one of the gospels, one of Paul’s letters – and read it through, applying its truths to your life. Once, when I was particularly doubting my ability as an author, I studied Paul’s letters to Timothy. The encouragement Paul gave to Timothy gave me the courage to keep going. 
There are as many ways to hear from God as there are ears to hear. The most important thing, whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, is to meet with God. He’s waiting for you, eager to surround you with His love. 

What’s your favorite way to meet with God?
How has the way He speaks to you changed in specific situations?
How has the way you relate to Him changed over the years? 

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