Monday, January 20, 2014

Learning from a Vacuum Cleaner?

My husband’s wanted one of these for years. What can I say? He’s an engineer and he wants every new toy that comes along.

During the year-end sales, he found one at a price that was almost reasonable.
Guess what he got for Christmas?

I must admit, it’s a fun little thing to watch.

It sits with its nose snuggled up against the base, waiting for someone to turn it on.

When you press START, it’s little screen says, “House cleaning,” and off it goes.

It roams all over the room in what seems like an erratic path.

After a while, it’s little screen says, “Finished!  I'm return-  ing to my base station.”

 If it’s in a large room, it displays “I'm return
ing to my base station for char-

Off it goes, making a bee-line for its place.

That fascinates me! No matter how random its path seems, it never loses track of home.

My life usually feels kind of erratic. Hectic and out of control. 

I roam around here and there, doing my own thing. Every once in a while, I run into a wall, back up, and ask God for direction. 

And do goes my day: Roaming. Bumping. Asking. 

God and His Word are my base. I’m not as smart as the little vacuum. I can’t always make a bee-line for my Base when I get lost. But I can trust God to lead me there. 

At day’s end, I usually fall into bed, exhausted, without a thought of God’s protection during that day.

I should go to Him and say, “My day is finished. I’m coming to You, to thank you for your love and guidance.”

Every morning comes with its new hectic-ness (if that’s a word) and more stress. So often, I get out of bed and race off without a second thought.

I should pick up my Bible and pray, “I need charging to face the day. I’m coming to you for strength and wisdom to serve you today.”

Our Base is always there, calling us to share our days with Him and to come to Him for the energy we need to face each new day.

What are you grateful for at the end of the day?
What do you need from Him as you face each new day?


  1. Sherry, I love this. My #oneword for the year is abide, and I have been reading and thinking on just this sort of thing. It's a beautiful image. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. A few of my friends thought I was kidding when I said I was going to post about the vacuum cleaner.
      God can use anything!

  2. He sure can, Sherry! Loved this post. How we need to keep our center--God!

    1. And it took a little vacuum cleaner to remind me of this :)

  3. Great post! I love it! Now I want one of those vacuum cleaners. :)

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Thanks so much. I needed to be reminded. I get so caught up in my list of to do's that I forget start and end with God.

    1. We all do! It's hard to hear His voice when our minds are crowded with to-dos. We're all a work in progress.