Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter is Alive!

We’ve all heard the phrases: dead of winter, barren trees, bleak, dormant. Winter's described in such depressing terms. We huddle inside with our warm blankets and hot chocolate, waiting for the new life of spring when leaves burst forth on the trees and green sprouts grow up where dead plants stand.

How can energy and life come out of such death and barrenness? The answer lies underground, in the roots, where life continues and unseen renewal occurs.

None of us likes to experience winter in our lives; we feel like God has set us aside. I’ve certainly felt this way the past year. Perhaps we’re missing the richness of the season. Perhaps we should replace the images of barrenness and bleakness with those of restoration and renewal.

He knows we are tired from the excitement of summer, exhausted from bearing fruit. We should let the leaves drop as they do from the trees. Is God calling us to slow our hectic pace and allow Him simplify our busy lives? He’s giving us rest so we can enrich our relationship with Him and allow Him to feed and restore us. We need to change our perspective: God hasn’t put us on the shelf; He’s pulled us into His lap for a time of peace and preparation for the spring to come.

It’s such a joy to know we are so precious to Him and to spend this tender time with Him. He knows our needs and it pleases Him when we come to Him for strengthening and a new sense of purpose.

Spring is coming. Use the winter to snuggle up to Him and take a much-earned nap.

How can God restore you in this winter season?


  1. Winter is a way to renew, to get things right in the world. As much as I don't like winter, myself, because of the snow in our area (Wisconsin), you're very right. I've been reading the one year online Bible for a few years now, and it does help get things straight, without the distraction of spring or summer. So, for me, it's a time of reflection, prayer, and reading the Bible.

    Thanks for posting! It's made me realize that there IS a purpose for winter. :)

    1. Reflection, prayer, and reading the Bible...the perfect thing to do in the winter. Thanks for stopping by!