Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fly, Baby, Fly!

I sat at my window, fascinated.

Two baby doves huddled on the window sill. Mom stood close by, keeping an eye on them. Occasionally she would bend down and nudge one of them with her beak.

After a couple minutes, one of the little doves stretched out his wings and fluttered away from the safety of its perch. It didn’t seem like he was going to make it at first; Mom stood at alert. But, after a few weak flaps, baby gained speed and flew away. I almost expected to hear Mom cheer.
She stepped closer to the remaining baby and began to nudge him. He turned his head toward her as though to say, “Do I have to? I can’t do it.”

Eventually, he, too, took the chance and soared away. Mom stood there for a minute. Empty-nest syndrome, perhaps? Planning what she was going to do with the kid’s part of the nest? Then she flew away.

In our spiritual walk, we often feel God’s nudges: 

 You’ve never done that before, but I know you can!

                      I know it’s scary but I’ll be there to help you.

                                           Step out of your comfort zone.

 There’s one big difference between our Father and Mama dove: He never sends us off on our own. He stays right with us. Strengthening us when we’re tired. Soothing us when we’re afraid. Reassuring us when we falter. 

He’s our ever-present Companion, our ever-present Cheerleader.

The next time you feel His loving nudge, take His hand and step out into the blessings that await you.

When has God asked you to step out of your comfort zone?

How did He strengthen and encourage you?


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