Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On the QT: The 5 W's - Why?

Why should we carve out time in our busy days to spend with God?
Why should we give up a few minutes of precious sleep?
Why should we give up the few minutes we can grasp in a day for this instead of settling down with a good book?
The first W in this series was "Who?" Check it out here.   
Now we ask "Why?"
Oh, there are the obvious reasons: 
  • Build a stronger relationship with God.
  • Get to know His Word.
  • Be able to tell everyone how faithful you are to spend time with God every day. 
Oh, you can deny that last one, but I know better! I’ve done it myself.
But there are lots of other reasons that draw us to God.
You don’t have to read 25 verses of Scripture.
Quiet time with God is just that: Quiet time with God
Perhaps you need a bit of peace: 
  • Sit with Him in silence before the kids get up and peace evaporates in the bedlam. 
  • Let Him calm your mind before the “I have to…” list overwhelms you. 
  • Take a minute to revel in your blessings and say, “Thank You!”
  • Ask for His patience when you know it’s going to be a rough day. 
Maybe you have a desperate need to feel His Presence:
  • Be wrapped in His love when you feel most unlovable.
  • Close your eyes and feel a sense of hope only He can give you.
  • Soak in His grace when you need forgiveness.
  • Rest in His healing when your heart is broken.
And then there are times when God’s Word is exactly what we need.
Within its pages we find:
  • Wisdom to answer our doubts.
  • Words to comfort a hurting friend.
  • Guidance to make a difficult decision
  • Truths to soothe our fears and heal our hurts.
The “Why” of time with God doesn’t have one answer.
  • He sits with us when we need the quiet.
  • He laughs with us when we are happy.
  • He speaks to us through His Word.
  • God is there to meet all the ‘whys’ in our lives.

Why is your time with God precious?

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 Photo credit: Denise B. Scott


  1. Sherry, that morning quiet time anchors my day. Conversations and actions go more smoothly. When things go wrong, I can handle them better. The key is to go to bed early enough to get up when things are quiet. That's hard for a night owl!

  2. You are so right, Lanita, time with Him does anchor my day. For so many years, mornings weren't possible but, no matter what time of day I did it, He blessed me. Thanks for commenting!